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OUAT, We Are Fighting

SPOILER WARNING: The latter portion of this post will contain spoilers for 10/13’s episode of Once Upon a Time. Last season, OUAT added a few new characters, two of whom are Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Mulan. And those… Read More

Give Allies Like Lundqvist the Benefit of the Doubt

I saw a bit of a flurry of activity around Henrik Lundqvist and his support for gay rights this weekend, but it wasn’t until this Puck Daddy post that I had the full story in hand. It seems… Read More

Update: LGBTerrriffic!

I wore my shirt to Baltimore. No one gave me the stink-eye. No one hit on me, either. I actually almost made it through the day entirely without a single comment. And then I went to the Barnes… Read More