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HOT TAKE: Rangers Pass Out Letters Like Cookies

Tonight the New York Rangers announced that Ryan McDonagh is officially the 27th captain of the team (appropriately enough for #27)! OFFICIAL: #NYR announce @RMcDonagh27 is the 27th Captain in team history! Full Story http://t.co/Ks2IzGkxYX #CforMcD pic.twitter.com/kgXZsY542y —… Read More

The Stadium Series And My Emotional Wreckage

Tomorrow afternoon, the Rangers will be taking the field as the visiting team in Yankee Stadium. Ho hum. Wait, it’s January. That can’t possibly be right? Oh. The New York Rangers. And there’s an ice rink on top… Read More

Robin Lopez Is My New Favorite NBA Player

Give Deadspin their props, they hooked me in with their headline on this story: Robin Lopez Has Some Mysterious Beef With The Raptors’ Mascot. I don’t follow the NBA at all, and I have no idea who Robin… Read More