About Your Blogger

Name » Katie
Age » 36
Birthday » November 16
Location » Philly suburbs
Relationship Status » Single and Looking (albeit rather lazily) (Interested Ladies Inquire Within)

I was born on a Monday in Virginia. I was three weeks late; I’d almost come on time, but then I hit the snooze and was finally born the day before the doctor was going in to get me. This pretty much established my morning routine for life.

I have a sister, Becca, who was born almost six years later. She lives across the state these days, outside Pittsburgh, and I miss her lots. But she tweets funny things (@itsreybecca) and makes me laugh and if we lived closer we might wanna kill each other.

When I was in 5th grade I scored a solo in our choir concert. I sang “The Locomotion” in a poodle skirt that my mom made for me (all the other girls had store-bought ones, so that makes me cool, right?). My parents were basically shocked that I even auditioned for the solo, because I was a super shy kid. The other soloists were all 6th graders. I’d love to tell you that this started a major singing career, but yeah, no. (But I’m a pretty not-horrible singer considering I have no serious training, actual facts.)

I attended three semesters at Gettysburg College, then two at West Chester University, and then I decided to forget Muggle education and just focus on my studies at Hogwarts. Because of the War and the Battle of Hogwarts, though, I never got to take my NEWTs. Sadface. Somehow I missed my Career Advice, too. Currently accepting advice on what to be when I grow up.

These days I spend too much time on Twitter and chatting with my BFF Alli (@selfwinding | allimartin.com) and not enough time talking to people who don’t live 1000 miles away, but hey, what can you do? (That’s rhetorical. Don’t tell me to get a life, please.)