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In Which I Stand Over the Bloody Corpse of 2017, Victorious

A part of me wants to resist the urge to make a ~new year new me~ post, but given how truly awful my 2017 was, I want to put as many positive vibes into 2018 as I possibly can…. Read More

What the Hell is a Weedle?

And why do I have 3 of them? Maybe a bunch of you — you 3 people I hope are reading this post? — are totally happy to tell me all about Weedles. But that’s okay. I don’t… Read More

July ’16 Plans: Camp NaNo, My BuJo, El Bloggo

So I’m here. Alive. Trying desperately to make progress in my life, sometimes failing. Okay, usually failing. But always trying again, like a winner! (Winners do this kind of thing, right? Persist and persevere and try try again?) Recently… Read More