July ’16 Plans: Camp NaNo, My BuJo, El Bloggo

So I’m here. Alive. Trying desperately to make progress in my life, sometimes failing. Okay, usually failing. But always trying again, like a winner! (Winners do this kind of thing, right? Persist and persevere and try try again?)

Recently I have started keeping a bullet journal. If you go to Instagram and search the tag, you’ll see loads of absolutely beautiful journal designs, elegant spreads, gorgeous daily logs or calendars. Mine…not so much. I’m not an artist. I’m happy to inject some color and some stickers, maybe eventually I’ll use washi tape if I want to tape things into my journal, but generally my design is straightforward. I don’t even like to do daily logs, opting for a weekly view instead because I don’t feel like I have enough to do to make daily entries necessary—and I would feel bad when I skipped a few days, and I don’t want to feel bad about this effort.

I’m doing well with it, and I’m looking forward to jumping into July as well. And one of the big things that I want to use it to help me accomplish is Camp NaNoWriMo, a summer spin-off, so to speak, of the popular National Novel Writing Month held every November. While November’s event gives you the massive goal of writing 50,000 words in 30 days, the April and July options allow you to set your own goal for your project, which also lessens the requirements for your project to be at least sort of close to a “novel”. In April, I kicked my goal’s ass, getting about 18,000 words, mostly on some Star Wars fanfic.

This July, I’m going to be putting a mind to focusing on getting the bare bones laid out for a new story I’ve been playing with. It’s a sci-fi space story that’s going to deal with time travel somehow. Not totally there yet, but that’s what Camp will be for! I’m only aiming for 7,500 words for the month, but I mostly want to do character sketching and figure out a basic plot outline. I’m going to aim to touch the project 4 times a week (hopefully 3 weekdays and 1 weekend day), and I’m also aiming to try and update this here blog at least once a week. I figure between the writing, bullet journaling, and maybe, well, talking about real life and stuff? I can try and get this pup updated. But hey, I’m also not going to beat myself up if I don’t!

So, let’s look forward to July! Maybe I’ll even make an update here again before the month starts. ;)

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