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July ’16 Plans: Camp NaNo, My BuJo, El Bloggo

So I’m┬áhere. Alive. Trying desperately to make progress in my life, sometimes failing. Okay, usually failing. But always trying again, like a winner! (Winners do this kind of thing, right? Persist and persevere and try try again?) Recently… Read More

Lesbian Hockey Werewolf

It’s been a while since I did this blogging thing. There’s been a lot going on, and most of it good! But it’s not the kind of blogging excitement you’re used to here. [canned audience laughter] Thankfully, I’ve… Read More

NaNo, GWYO, 2015-oh!

So, I stopped making updates about my NaNo progress last month, and that’s mostly because my progress stopped, too.*whomp whomp* I ended up with a bit over 15,000 words written on my story, and while I’m bummed I… Read More