NaNo, GWYO, 2015-oh!

So, I stopped making updates about my NaNo progress last month, and that’s mostly because my progress stopped, too.*whomp whomp*

I ended up with a bit over 15,000 words written on my story, and while I’m bummed I didn’t either hit the 50K goal or finish the novel, there’s a lot I took from the attempt. Mainly, I rediscovered how incredibly good I feel when I’m writing. I’ve always felt that when I’m not writing, it pulls me down into my depression, but it can be hard to “prove” that kind of correlation. Having felt the way I did last month, though? I know that writing makes me happy, and that it’s something I’m meant to be doing with my life.

Unfortunately, NaNo is by design a one-month thing. The rest of the year it’s up to each writer to find some motivation to keep it going. This year, I’m going to do that by going back to a group–which, full-disclosure, I helped to start and ran for five years–that focuses on writing the whole year. I’ve signed up with Get Your Words Out (GYWO), pledging to write 75K in 2015.

That pledge level is actually a new one this year, meant for those with chronic conditions that make meeting one of the normal, higher pledges difficult (such as, for me, my depression and my fibromyalgia). For most writers, the lowest level is a 150K pledge, and you can pledge as high as 500K! If you are a writer who is looking for a group to help motivate and encourage your writing all year long, definitely give GYWO a look!

GetYourWordsOut: Year Seven!
Pledges & Requirements |
 If you’re not a writer, or if this challenge just isn’t for you, then I hope at least you’ll follow my updates as I try to slay this big ol’ beast throughout the year!

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