Playoff Hockey: Best Playoffs, Best Hockey

The NHL 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun! It is widely known by people who are fans of NHL hockey that the NHL’s playoffs are the best playoffs in sports. Round 1, in particular, is a breathless, insane, ridiculous ride of 3-4 games a night that often go to OT.

It’s glorious. I didn’t need sleep, did any of you?

With my Rangers ending up the best team in the league–I’m not crying, you’re crying! Also I’m crying!–we’ve got a nice little series against the Penguins starting tomorrow night. There are three other series for the Eastern Conference, and because I want to put my thoughts down on them and I have too many thoughts for Twitter, I figured I’d act like I actually use this blog sometimes.

Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators

I’d like this series to go all 7 games. I’d like the goalies to turn themselves inside out to make all the saves.

If Ottawa wins, I’ll start to get really scared of the Sens. And it’ll make Erik Karlsson happy, and I want my Tumblr friend Erik to be happy.

If Montreal wins, I’ll hope they face Tampa Bay because holy SHIT that will be a great damn series.


Two old buds, no longer dressing like twins.



Tampa Bay Lightning vs Detroit Red Wings

I’d like this series to go all 7 games. I want it to be fast and filled with sorcery from Stamkos and Datsyuk. I want Brian Boyle’s pirate beard to fill in nicely.

Honestly, I’m probably okay with either team winning. I’m pulling a little for Tampa because of my ex-Ranger boys and I’m generally a little fond of Tampa anyway. But Detroit is an Original Six team who isn’t the Bruins, and I’m here for keeping O6 teams who aren’t the Bruins around for 2 rounds.

Washington Capitals vs New York Islanders

I’d like this series to go all 7 games. I want the teams to beat the SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER. I want them broken and bloody and EXHAUSTED. Because, you see, should the Rangers beat the Pens, we take the winner of this series.

Either way, it’d be a nasty, emotional series against us: Islanders with their inferiority complex, Capitals with their lust for playoff revenge. Can’t we just get a bye? ‘Cause then we have to play one whoever’s left from the first two series!

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