Season 1

This page will be updated as I post! You can also check the Season 1 tag for everything at once. For an idea of when the next episodes will be posted, check out the main XFRW page.

1X79 Pilot
1X01 Deep Throat
1X02 Squeeze
1X03 Conduit
1X04 The Jersey Devil
1X05 Shadows
1X06 Ghost in the Machine
1X07 Ice
1X08 Space
1X09 Fallen Angel
1X10 Eve
1X11 Fire
1X12 Beyond the Sea
1X13 Genderbender
1X14 Lazarus
1X15 Young at Heart
1X16 E.B.E.
1X17 Miracle Man
1X18 Shapes
1X19 Darkness Falls
1X20 Tooms
1X21 Born Again
1X22 Roland
1X23 The Erlenmeyer Flask