Reboot. Remake. Regenerate.

Whatever you want to call it, I’m in the process of starting myself over. A few months ago I found myself parting from my job, and now I’ve been working at trying to figure out what to do next with my life. It’s a little scary. There’s an uncertainty as I search for jobs, a sense of hopelessness when I think that all I’m qualified to do is what I was doing before.

I’m trying to stay positive, though. And after a close call at getting a job, I’m finding myself more motivated. I also think that I’m benefiting from this back-to-school season right now. It makes me want to buy pens and notebooks and be productive. It always does, but normally I’d have a job and I’d be too tired to do anything.

So this year, I’m taking full advantage.

Last week I saw a link to a course on FutureLearn about writing fiction. Start Writing Fiction is a free course that runs for 8 weeks, starting in late October. It focuses on character creation, and I feel very confident in my ability to create awesome characters, but the class members and review process will be good for me to.

I then went looking at other courses, and as a result I’m signed up for two other courses. The three courses will start in September and go one after the other through December. Which very much excites me!

I also started off with Duolingo to polish and improve my Spanish. Let me tell ya, I’m just going WILD with learning, here!

My hope is that with these educational things, it’ll motivate me to get out of the house and also keep up my job hunt. And I also hope that I’ll blog here more. I figure I can blog about my course work and brag on myself when I can blog in español.

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