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NWHL, Don’t Put All Your Olympians In One Basket

First things firsts: I love having the US Olympians in the NWHL and I can’t wait for them to come back. I’m glad the league (and the CWHL for Canada) lets these elite players take the season off… Read More

Ladies: How to Talk to Your Man About Sports

Men like to watch sports, as a generalization. They like to drink beer and talk with their dude friends about point spreads and interceptions and infield fly rules. They like to piss off other dudes who like different… Read More

Give Allies Like Lundqvist the Benefit of the Doubt

I saw a bit of a flurry of activity around Henrik Lundqvist and his support for gay rights this weekend, but it wasn’t until this Puck Daddy post that I had the full story in hand. It seems… Read More